Meet the Team

We are actively looking for motivated students and post-docs to join our group! We value diversity and are open to people of all gender, caste, sexual orientation, race, physical abilities, and religions. Please write an email to discuss possibilities if you would like to work with us. Masters and Ph.D. admissions usually have to go through the procedures set up by IISc, followed by an interview with the department.

Principal Investigator


Pawan Bharadwaj

Assistant Professor, Center for Earth Sciences

wave-equation based imaging, geophysical signal processing, earthquake seismology, seismic interferometry, high performance computing for geophysical applications

PhD Students


Sai Varun Erram

PhD Candidate, Center for Earth Sciences

exploration seismology, seismic imaging, seismic inversion, machine-learning applications in seismology


Sanket Narayan Bajad

PhD Candidate, Center for Earth Sciences

earthquake seismology, seismic design of structures, distributed acoustics sensing, machine-learning applications in seismology, seismic invisibility cloaking


Washim Akram

PhD Candidate, Centre for Earth Sciences

computational seismology, subsurface imaging, wave physics, geophysical signal processing, machine-learning applications in geophysics